Thursday, January 17, 2013

From back east to back then.......

Here we have a model from the year 1987....

Rumor has it that it got some wide body surgery and then moved to New  York.  Though it was nicely done, the streets of the Big Apple were not kind to it;  When we first saw it it looked like it got jumped in a dark alley.

The long trip across country was slow but safe, it made to TRE Motorsports when they gave it new legs and it can roll its way to us.  We checked all vitals, replace the damaged skin and will give it a new identity

The wide body covered in white paint with black letters will be history.  A new page will be written when the transformation is completed.
Panels will be change, holes plugged, pieces added. Fueling the 3.2 litter engine will be different.
The next time it enters that alley, it will don the looks of a 1973 RSR with Mexico Blue skin. upgraded suspension and vintage interior, fiberglass pieces will make it lighter and faster than before.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fill it up !!

Ok, let's talk center filled fuel tank.

Sometimes it's fun to answer a question that does not have a answer, or have an answer but no question.  let me explain, in life we do things that are wrong and do things that are not;  when it comes to cars, sometimes it does not matter.
Somebody asked the question of how to make the opening for a center filled tank that Porsche Race Department was commissioned to do when they created the light weight version of the 911.  That meant a lot of items being deleted and made upgrades being integrated, we will focus on the center fill gas tank used on so many 911 now, only because it looks cool.
We have done this many times using a drill bit and a air reciprocate saw, it works for us and for other shops I've talked to, but there is a catch, a few reasons why this work for us and it may not work for you.  First, we don't use the big hole saw you see on one of this pictures, that thing create a lot of heat and as you punch thru, it can damages the structure of the hood, leaving that are very flimsy. second, you think you have to cut a perfect circle, not really, just cut enough to give the filler neck clearance, cut small and make your way around it.
Make sure your tank is sitting properly and use a new seal, find a fiberglass or metal venturi looking section and weld or bond it to the opening and make sure it looks centered on the hood; There you have it, we have gone north, east, west and south and arrived in downtown at the same time.  By the way, this made the short wheel base 911 R legendary !

Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's aliiive !!!!

Not yet, but soon....
If you go back to post #4 you will find the beginnings of this project.

A 1974 Targa with a few ex-shops to its reputation, a couple of mystery engines that run up a tab at the towing company and some paint job that look more like bad cosmetic surgery than a show stopper.  But now it is here......and wait until they get a hold of me........
For 10 years I have been the operations manager her at Axiom Motorsports, and for 10 years I have seen this ex Targa come in and out just wishing. 
I am led to believe that some body rubbed that bottle the right way because for the last few months dreams are becoming a reality.   Picture this, you roll into the biggest parking lot anywhere and park.

You will never see another car like this in that lot or any other lot.

Sure, for the amount of money one can sink into a project like this, you can just go and buy a new car, then what?  when you go to a show there are 300 just like it,  maybe the color is different, oh! you might have a different exhaust.

But let's go back to the nitty gritty of the re invention of this 74 ex targa.

The body was treated to an 930 look along with some mods to provide air to the inter coolers hidden it the quarter panels, after that was done, we gave it a bath of triple black single stage paint, let that rest for about 6 weeks and then it was cut with 1000 grit sand paper to kill all imperfections and then another bath of polyurethane clear to bring the color to its highest resolution.


A 6 speed with steel synchros in first to fourth was adopted by the targa body that has been reinforced to the gills to cop with the 600 HP  ( that we are expecting) and torque.

Cosmetics like 993 gauges and interior are being accommodated for comfort and I have to admit,  some bling.

Go back to the first picture,  the headlights are custom made, the result of the 3 volunteers lamps and some bought on impulse made the angel eyes by xenon projection headlamps possible.   Later I will tell you about the evil eyes......

This 3.1 twin turbo will breath through KnN filters and 3' pipes, the wrapped custom headers will keep the charge at maximum velocity and will exit through the a high chamber custom muffler stuffed with 4 pounds of stainless steel wool that hug the exit perforated stainless steel pipe all the way to the carbon fiber muffler tips.
Coil on plug set up will have this beast's heart beating at a sequential level, making the pump gas or E85 burn rubber with a passion.

I 3 weeks time, it shall roar through the streets of L A and annoy his neighbors.........

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Bare necessities ....

Finally !!!!   a plain Jane stock paint job....

Or is it???
Even though a new project comes in as a stock, nothing out of the ordinary, there are always a few little surprises waiting for us.

From Santa Barbara to our shop......Let's get busy
First things first,  all panels, trim and glass has to come off;  All rubber  will be replaced

Next:  that mid 80s respray job will have to come off as well.  It would be difficult to guaranty a high end paint job without going all the way to the bare metal

And since we are in luck,  this is a 1979.......galvanized metal........To some it is a great thing, but to painters and body men, it could be a nightmare, all thanks to EPA  that banned the use of some great products that did not meet Los Angeles standards.
After striping the body and found only some waves and door dings,  looks like we are in pretty good shape,  we will apply our direct to metal primer and then our surfacer.   Next will be the prepping and disassemble of it to give it a bath in Grand Prix White.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

If it walks like a duck .....

and dresses like a duck.......

Who knows if it's a duck.......    The Boss owns a 1974 Carrera RS.......Original Ducktail.  This Black 86 wants one.
 For years I have been complaining about the poor quality of duck tails that we install but I have never been asked to do one, until now.  Metal based and fiberglass top to mimic the original one.

And I must say, what a paint in the rear.  I do understand now why the more affordable ones are of such poor quality,  the hours that are involved in a project like this are not cost effective.  Once you move one thing, everything else changes angles.

So, for us to make this a production item is not a reality, but we do have a couple of orders, some of our clients are very dedicated to their cars and want to have a duck tail made specific the their car.......and that is something to brag about.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rude Awakenings

Time flies.....even if you are not having any fun....

Imagine this, you don't drive your car for a month........and then another month goes by and another;  Next, you find yourself wondering if you can go another month, like trying to kick a bad habit you dare yourself to do it
Soon you discover that months have turned to years and when remember that is going to be a decade, well, now you start to realized that some things are going to need changing and that is going to take money,  will have to wait a little longer.

In all the years that I have wore the grease monkey hat,  I have seen this many times.  it is a work in progress,  I'm in no rush, not enough money, not enough time  and so forth
So here we are, July 2012,  when I hear from my boss, there is a car coming today, it hasn't been started in a while...................License plate has tags of 1991, the gasoline in the tank went back to be crude oil,  the top notch lacquer paint job from the 80's help up pretty good, but it was no match for the galvanized coating of this upgraded 69 ex-long hood.

Time can be cruel to rubber and plastic and after replacing and repairing and refreshing the necessary parts, we were able to check the vitals and presto !!    purrrr like a kitten.   It has been given a lot of love and I think we are in the right track to recovery.

Monday, July 16, 2012

High standards

Quality is not a matter of a matter of pride......I read this phrase somewhere.....true to a point...........

But.......what if you don't have any talent !!
Some people claim that they have high standards, but, again, what if they're short and distance is not the same as those of others.

Anyway, after countless hours of redoing everything that was not period correct on this 74,  we are finally on the last stretch, every panel, from the roof to the wheel wells have been detailed with the correct, color and finish.
All the extra holes were plugged, every piece of wire was cleaned and every piece of hardware was change to match the correct shade of cad plating.........soon we. will be judged !!!