Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's aliiive !!!!

Not yet, but soon....
If you go back to post #4 you will find the beginnings of this project.

A 1974 Targa with a few ex-shops to its reputation, a couple of mystery engines that run up a tab at the towing company and some paint job that look more like bad cosmetic surgery than a show stopper.  But now it is here......and wait until they get a hold of me........
For 10 years I have been the operations manager her at Axiom Motorsports, and for 10 years I have seen this ex Targa come in and out just wishing. 
I am led to believe that some body rubbed that bottle the right way because for the last few months dreams are becoming a reality.   Picture this, you roll into the biggest parking lot anywhere and park.

You will never see another car like this in that lot or any other lot.

Sure, for the amount of money one can sink into a project like this, you can just go and buy a new car, then what?  when you go to a show there are 300 just like it,  maybe the color is different, oh! you might have a different exhaust.

But let's go back to the nitty gritty of the re invention of this 74 ex targa.

The body was treated to an 930 look along with some mods to provide air to the inter coolers hidden it the quarter panels, after that was done, we gave it a bath of triple black single stage paint, let that rest for about 6 weeks and then it was cut with 1000 grit sand paper to kill all imperfections and then another bath of polyurethane clear to bring the color to its highest resolution.


A 6 speed with steel synchros in first to fourth was adopted by the targa body that has been reinforced to the gills to cop with the 600 HP  ( that we are expecting) and torque.

Cosmetics like 993 gauges and interior are being accommodated for comfort and I have to admit,  some bling.

Go back to the first picture,  the headlights are custom made, the result of the 3 volunteers lamps and some bought on impulse made the angel eyes by xenon projection headlamps possible.   Later I will tell you about the evil eyes......

This 3.1 twin turbo will breath through KnN filters and 3' pipes, the wrapped custom headers will keep the charge at maximum velocity and will exit through the a high chamber custom muffler stuffed with 4 pounds of stainless steel wool that hug the exit perforated stainless steel pipe all the way to the carbon fiber muffler tips.
Coil on plug set up will have this beast's heart beating at a sequential level, making the pump gas or E85 burn rubber with a passion.

I 3 weeks time, it shall roar through the streets of L A and annoy his neighbors.........

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