Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's a wrap !!!

There was a little debate about the pros and cons of wrapping headers.....

Of course, as with every gearhead discussion, things can quickly get out of order...........Last I heard was "I don't want to have a fire hazard in my engine bay"   Trust me, I put fire to this thing, it does not burn.   Any how, after talking to our experts and getting some info from the net,  this makes sense:

PERFORMANCE:  The goal of headers is to make it easier for the engine to push exhaust gases out of the cylinders.
The titanium wrap will keep the hot air inside the header, allowing for cooling air intake:  cooler intake produces more horsepower, as cooler air contains more oxygen, which aids the burning process in the cylinder.  Wrapped headers can reduce the under hood temperatures significantly.

In theory, wrapped headers help contain the heat, making the exhaust gases move more rapidly away from the engine and towards the exhaust pipe.  This increased exhaust velocity increases potential horsepower by evacuating the cylinder more quickly and allowing the piston to move upward with less resistance.

The gases velocity also helps with the scavenging, or the removal of combustion waste from the cylinder more efficiently.  This makes for a cleaner and faster burn of the mixture of fuel and air on the next piston stroke. 

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