Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wish list

When it comes to restoring a Porsche 911

We usually get a big list,  sometimes it is all the matching numbers and sometimes it is all the mods to be made...
In the case of this 1972,  it is going to have some serious mods to take the 3.8 engine with a monster air injection and a 6 speed. 

So, this body will have to be reinforced:
1:  stitch weld the tub.
2:  reinforce the shock tower.
3:  rinforce the jack points.
4:  double the inner rocker panels.
5:  weld in strut braces.
6.  weld in section for power brakes.
7:  remove rear tray and fab custom one.
8:  remove rocker panel and fab stainless steel oil lines.
9:  remove rain gutters for a slick look.

151:  prepare for a tripple black paint.

201:  polish to the highest shine...I want to see myself !!

Looks like we have a lot to do yet, but it is coming.
Once the gaps and lines have been matched, it's all down hill from there.

Stay tune...........

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