Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The reunion

These two air cooled turbos have not been in the shop since National Geographic Channel aired the episode of "Break it Down"

I was surprised to see them arrive almost at the same time.
 What was called the 75 Beast on National TV came to get a few adjustments and details, and we gave it new HID eyes, and LED bulbs all around, some details around the fog lamps to jazz it up a bit. we also install a high efficiency cooler fan with thermo control unit to make sure oil stay at temperature, even in heavy traffic, after all,   .......this is L. A.

Big red has been quiet  since its TV debut, but now it's ready to play and we have to give it the toys to do so.

A manual boost controller to start, so if you are in need of more boost, just press play.
A couple of electrical Gremlins were running rogue behind the gauges giving the tach and speedo a hard time..........but it's all better now.

Oh ! and the white leather interior got a good scrubbing to get so white as driven snow.

I you haven't seen our cameo on the Nat Geo Channel, feel free...

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