Saturday, September 3, 2011

Conda line

You mean Conga line, no I mean conda line......

It's been a week worth of work just to get all these lines even, but I'll tell why,  some time ago, the owner of TRE Motorsports got this 1970 S, the car was in pieces, as if someone has started too work on it.  When were commissioned to restore it. I suggested that the car has to be put back together before we start the body work.

I always wonder why nobody listens to me, it's not that I like doing this, rather this is what I do for a living........

Long story short, being that this is a special car, now we have to redo the whole enchilada, this time, my way;  We assembled all the parts, make sure that all the gaps and lines are even, the it will be taken apart to repaint.

Bits of rust were dealt with as well as the lead in the joining areas of the body. soon enough the body will be prep to take a bath in single stage paint of the original Conda green.

Apparently this has to be magazine worthy........we shall see.

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