Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rolling down the highway......

....not quite yet, but we are getting there.
After changing everything on this old body and giving it a new face lift, a tummy tuck and some botox, 
A new wardrobe has been added to this body in the shape of 993 interior, gauges and oil tank, a boxster roll bar that has been modified to fit this body
Now we need accessories.......
Sometimes I see my wife looking at a pair of earrings for the longest time, it makes me wonder what the heck I am doing at at the mall, not shopping.

But this is the way you buy rims, they can make your car or .....not
Another thing to consider is that size does matter, as well as offset,  what size wheel to get, and what size rubber........decisions, decisions , decisions,  can't use fuchs wheels, that would not go with our reinvented body
We used one of our  client's wheels to measure, and it was a good fit, but even though the ride is down in a non operating state, the set is not for sale.
We did found the name of the wheel, now the mission is, should you chose to accept it, to find out if it is still available.

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