Friday, August 19, 2011

At the end of the tunnel....

...there is light...

 We got a little sidetracked while waiting for parts and dealing with the drama sometimes this place goes under,  needless to say, morale was a bit low this week.

But there is no need for crying over spilled milk, a set back can only make us stronger.

So let's get back to the fun side of Axiom,  the reinvention of this 74 former Targa.
 The 3.1 litre is in and now it's time for some fabrication, the intercoolers will be placed under the quarter panels, with custom plumbing to the 70mm throttle body,  twin oil-less turbos attached with V band and custom exhaust with a center outlet.

 Pro 128 ECU with all the goodies in it, capable of  using flex fuel without changing maps,  this is how the big boys play....

I know it is taking longer than anticipated,  but I can see the light now.

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