Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just venting.......

So that the intercoolers can get some air

They are going to be inside the quarter panels, though they are going to have cooling fans, we still need to create some flow.

I have seen other versions of vents and frankly, they look like holes to me.
 So we need to be creative, by opening the quarter panels that high allows the air to travel through the wheel well and reach the intercooler and at the same time it will give some to the brakes.
 Stainless still mesh was used to dress it up, because we still have to be stylish.

I was thinking of using the torsion bar opening to do a brake cooling thingy, but for now it's only a thought.
 Now we turn our attention to the other side, for this application we went with louvers just to give it a hot rod kind of look.  We had some pieces done and then we graph then to the quarter extensions.

With everything in place, now it's time to hang the intercoolers and air intake.

It won't be long before this big dog starting barking.....and who knows maybe a bite or two.

Hang around, it won't be long........

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  1. It's a great idea that I would never would have thought of! Thanks for this tip.