Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cool it baby.......

It's always fun to see the delivery truck, that means we are going to build stuff....

This week, we will be busy doing some intercoolers, and size does matter.  The two little ones are going to be hidden under the quarter panels of the REINVTD twin turbo. the larger one is to replace a name brand that, although expensive, is not very efficient.  We must take care of that problem, after all, nobody wants to be full of hot air.
 Since we are taking care of the temperature of the oil, by adding an extra oil cooler and fan, we might as well take care of the temperature of the air, so we are going to replace that name brand one with one of our custom made.
 Since we are restricted by someone else's measurements, we can install it in the must efficient way, insuring that the airflow receives the must amount of cooling before it hits the intake.

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