Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bright lights, Bright lights !!!

HID headlights................if they only knew how to aim them

They blind me from wherever angle they come, I've seen some flickering, others are looking for UFOs, and others are looking for ants, some have a combination of both.

Here is a rule of thumb,  if you see the head of the driver in front of you....they're too high
But bright lights attract everybody, so we have to install them when asked,  we do run into some electrical gremlins every now and then, after all, these are old cars, and they have been around.
They say they improve your view by a 100%,  that is providing you are not going the other way.  I may consider installing them on my car, I do travel hwy 58 towards Bakersfield,  on that road, you need these puppies.
I will make sure these HIDs are aimed properly,  why make it difficult for the other guy on the road. 

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