Friday, August 12, 2011

The Special one

I have been around cars for a long time, when I was a kid I (kind of) stole a camera just to take pictures of cars, but I never developed the film

 by the time I was 16, I had a little oops, trying to be cool I went through a wall, I am sure there was a girl involved in this.
Shy of 18, I woke up in L A and got my first real job.

The other day someone insisted that I must see this car........a 1970 El Camino turbo charged...........the emergency brake didn't work, the paint was bad..bla bla bla.  I was telling my wife how many cars I have restored, not by myself, but I have been in charged, and she asked  "Which is your favorite ??

 Being that the human brain is the fastest CPU in the world, cars flashed in my head at  warp speed....there have been a few that I liked, and the customers that had that vision.  There was the replica of the 1971 Monarch Blues Brothers, or the 1957 Chevy Ice Cream truck that was turned into an Army truck and dedicated to fallen soldiers of Vietnam...."Kill Roy was here" got drawn on every panel and the upholstery was made out of parachute canvas, this truck was cool.  The 1941 Horch was interesting, I wonder if it is still at the Black Hawk Museum. of course every Corvette from 1964 to 1999, a bunch of Camaros and Chevelles, Fords and Mopars.........I had fun restoring those big chrome beauties from the fifty's, from those I enjoy the most the 64 Edsel,  too bad I don't have a picture, and the 65 Lincoln convertible, I had a thing for the suicide doors.

Every car  has been special, and every customer have has fun during the build,  from the all stock all original to the "Beast"

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