Monday, August 1, 2011

It's all in your head............s

Do you want to ride the Kroken ?

That has been the question of the week, those who has ridden it became 5 year old kids, some have been scared and some still have a big grin on their faces.
Being that we hardly have any boost on this air cooled turbo charged cab, the critics have shown their presence and wonder why this ride is so wild.

The crankshaft and it's 6 friends give it that torquing feeling...aka  .... headbanging. !

But the real power comes from the heads, they are the key in making horsepower, they determine how much air goes in and out of any motor.

I said it before and I say it again......breath baby ...breath
The Boss uses 28 inches of water to flow heads, at this pressure the CFMs will maximized the horsepower of any engine, and with the right amount of fuel and timing........put your arms up and enjoy the ride.

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