Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Release the Kraken.........

To amuse ourselves, we give each car a nickname,  and when this customer ask the Boss to build a monster motor.....well, we thought of when it would be released.

When the boss started writing the symphony of power, we expected a nice ballad, instead we got a head banging heavy metal number one hit.

At the first test drive, it twisted the shock tower, so back in the shop it went, reinforce the cab, give it some big brakes, and coil overs and huge sway bars to keep it level.

To maximize the power band of this 3.576 liter beast, we had the crankshaft stroked 0.079 mm, dressed it with 3 liter offset bushed connecting rods, this combination allow the piston to dwell longer at top of the barrel crating a longer explosion.
 Twin plugged, flame ringed and ported heads let it breath to make this power run smooth.

We gave it alcohol injection and manual boost controller, but in all honesty, I don't think it needs it;  At 3 pounds of boost the tires leave the ground.
This dyno run was the first one, and some the ponies we still in the barn, in a weeks time a new dyno run will take place, it is then when we will release the Kraken.....

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