Saturday, July 9, 2011

Free range

It is not very often the we finish all the cars we've been working on at the same time, and this is one of those rare occasions.

It was a very intense week and with the band playing the same tune, we awaken all five turbos and the the little VW.

So now everybody is running and able to move beyond the confinements of the shop.
The Golden Targa from some posts ago got its turbo inspected, just in case.
The red one from the National Geographic show "Porsche in Pieces" got some dyno time, its Kung Fu is strong.
The oil-less one continue to be tested, but it will be released next week.
The Venetian Blue, got its twin plugged heads and fuel delivery and it's next in line to the dyno.

The one we nicknamed "The Kraken" it's ready to be releasedAnd last but not least, our 57 Speedster kit got its original carburetor, passed inspection and DMV put a sticker on.

No matter how hard the week is, when everything is running,'s a good week.

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