Monday, July 4, 2011

Give me a Brake !!!

I know everyone likes a good tune while cruising down the highway, but if the boom boom keeps you from hearing the gggrrrrrr of your brakes, it's to to turn the radio down.

When working on brakes (yes,  I do some grease monkey duties every now and then) like I said, when it comes to brakes I get a little militant about it, specially in cars that have been sleep for several years. 
Some ignore the sensor squeaking noise:
1. They can hear busy on the phone.
2. They can hear it, music's too loud.
3. They think nothing is wrong when the pedal goes too far down.
4. And some think that all you need is brake pads.

On cars that have been stored for more than 10 year:  I tell you what I think, moving parts live only by moving, this year we have to awake two of these and our customers wonder why all the brake system needed to be replaced;  Well, let's take a look shall we: 

1. Brake fluid, needs to move, if it has a chance, you will find it inside the brake booster.  remove the fluid before storage and the seals of the master cylinder and calipers will retract, making very difficult to bleed when trying to revive a system, not to mention that they will dry out.
This 1981 Targa awoke after 12 years of storage, and it took a good amount of Dollars to replace everything in the braking system, no point in asking for more power if you cannot stop.

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