Thursday, July 21, 2011

I come in..............pieces !!

Literally, it has happened three times this year.
Like orphans, they were moved from shop to shop,

This particular 1989 was converted into some kind of 964,  I have not yet been briefed on the whole story of why it was done this way, but I m pretty sure the boxes of stuff will tell a story.

Our mission......should we choose to accept it, is to install and wire a 3.6 liter with a G50 transmission.  standard procedure, one might think, except that the engine came from a wreck and it has bees sitting out in the open with parts taken out, not to mention that the 89 has been handled by a few sets of "expert" hands.

Working from someone else's bags and boxes is a little challenging, but we also like the surprise parts that are always in those boxes.  It is amazing to see what people buy when embarking into a journey like this. 

We are going to get dirty on this one.................

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