Sunday, July 17, 2011

Get a grip...

......on the ground, that is.  It seems like our oil-less turbo make more power than we anticipated.

Basically a stock turbo with a couple of better items:
adjustable TurboSmart BoV, Boost gauge and manual controllers. and Waste gate.  An oil-less turbo from CompTurbo, and Custom headers made by us.
 and when I new clutch was needed,  we asked what kind........something not too radical, the horsepower is not that high.
But with an adjustable boost controller, pushing buttons can be tempting and once you past the 1 bar mark, the new clutch began to slip. 

This happened Friday........and we promised the client he can drive it on Monday.....
Some people have 3 day weekend, we sometimes have no weekend. 

We took a little trip to the Inland Empire and had the boys and girls of Clutch Masters custom made a disk and pressure plate.  they put a rush in and the boss had to pick it up late on Saturday.
In the meantime, back at the cave.....Gerardo and I got things ready, with the engine on the ground and transmission off, we waited.........traffic and time got the best of everything........I guess our Sunday just got cancelled.
But on Sunday morning, we put petal to the metal and by 11:30 the wheels hugged the ground without letting go.

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