Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Between the lines

On this episode of the "Challenge"......

We got ourselves a 1970 S that belongs to the owner of TRE Motorsports.  It started a long time ago, but being busy with so many other projects, we (TRE & Axiom)  decided to put it on pause for a little while.

The other day we got an E-Mail from TRE:  "We need to finish my Conda Green, and it has to be perfect"

I guess I could use a little more pressure in my life........

I may be crucified for saying so, but these cars were never perfect, that's the reason it has shims on the doors and adjustments on all others parts.

But because this is car for show, we will call it an "Axiom/TRE gold standard build"

As we speak, all the gaps are being adjusted, each one has to be exactly like the other one, to do this, we have to put the car back together, and then take it apart for body work.

Every detail has to be as if today was 1970 at a Porsche dealership.

As we peel everything out of the shell, we will document everything, who knows, we get some cool pictures.

Stay tune...........

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