Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bells and whistles....

So what does "SC" stand for ?? The answer is "Super Carrera". Following on from the Carrera 2.7, the SC model was to have been the last 911 produced, as the "new" 944 model was to have conquered the world. But following unprecedented demand for the SC and a less than enthusiastic public response to the 944, plans were changed and the rest is history.

The year was 1979, when this SC came to life. for decades it roamed the streets of Los Angeles, and   It did have a good run, but being a daily driver took a toll on it.
Once the engine was so tired to carry on another mile, it was time for a make over,  and it has been a big one:        I tell you, one things will always lead to another.
The engine needs rebuilding......wait a minute, why not upgrade???      "Oh Boy, oh boy...this is gonna be great"
Turbo engine, turbo body, suspension, sway bars, 19" wheels, 993 headlights, 964 front bumper modified to take 993 fog lamps, 993 door handles and aero mirrors.

Modified rear bumper to take a custom muffler and tail pipes.

Custom intercooler, fuel management system, manual boost controller, alcohol injection, rear view camera, and sensor on both front and rear bumpers.

State of the art sounds, satellite radio, radar detector, and a whole lot of other electric gadgets.

The interior in wrapped in leather, suede and some other exotic skins.

Have you noticed how the doors open ??

Perhaps on another post...........see ya !!!!

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