Saturday, June 18, 2011

Frame Off Restoration....

In my time, I have heard this term thrown in a lot.....

 By shops, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and tree shade mechanics,  I've even heard of a one man operation.

There is no frame on these cars.......

But, everybody has their own way of doing it, and this is the way we do it: 
This original 1971 Viper green was to be transformed into a Mexico blue RS

 First order of business is to prepare the tub for stripping, we removed the suspension, wire harness and brake lines.

Then it gets cooked............I mean, the tub goes into an oven, at a very slow temperature it melts the undercoating and paint, after that it gets blasted with a media of our choice.

As soon as it gets delivered back to us, it gets hung on what I call the "chicken Roaster"  others call it a rotisserie.

Every project comes with a list of mods to be added, these are a few of them:

Stitch weld the tub.
Replace the rear sway bar brackets.
Replace the shock tower.
Reinforce the tube.
Reinforce the through body front sway bar points.
Remove the battery boxes.
Modify flare to make look like a RS flare.
..and a few more.

Then we turn our attention to some rust issues, they all have it, it's just a matter of how much.  After all that is taken care of, the body work begins.

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