Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blue by you !!

Ground off restoration ...part two...

After the chassis has been flipped, dipped and stitched

we will turn our attention to the body parts,  the doors, fenders, hood and deck lid take center stage to make sure all gaps and lines are even and correct. then dissembled to be painted individually.

The fun part begins when the car has color and stars coming together, our customers know that it won't be long before delivery, and even though it may look like it's just a matter of days, the details can take a little longer.

The former Viper green is now a full blown Mexico blue, gallons of paint were used to paint the inside, outside and under, only what needed to be sating black was black.

Before going home to San Juan Capistrano, it took a detour to TRE Motorsports for suspension and engine work, most likely upholstery too.

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