Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Body language

a 1988 came to us some time ago, Yes, a 1988 Carrera

 From Oregon to Axiom Motorsports via TRE Motorsports, this guest came wearing different bumpers and tails, part of the metamorphosis had began months before,  with new wheels and a 3.6 litter engine, G50 Transmission and new oil cooling system  and big brakes........... 

The whole idea was to have a very light and fast vintage looking car, but elegance was a must.  Let's get physical:   fiberglass fenders, bumpers, hood and deck lid are to be fitted, this task was painfully itchy, anybody that has work with this material knows. custom made rocker panels added a touch of class
 Every line and gap was match as close to perfection as humanly possible,  then primed and block several times to insure the triple black paint job would reflect its surroundings
There are many more pictures of this build here.  http://axiom-motorsports.com/Back_Dated.php

Before heading home to Oregon, it took a little detour to San Diego to be in a parade;  People thought it was an old car with new interior.......

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