Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lightened fast

After enjoying his cab for several years, one of our customers comes by and tells me,  "I don't think my car is not responsive enough, and I've been thinking about one of those light weight flywheels"

There are two schools of thought about that......why aren't I surprised...
This is an all stock engine,it has been maintained regularly and so far only the body have had some injuries, but have only needed cosmetic surgery.

As every cab in Los Angeles, it is enjoyed to the max, it has been driven long and hard.
Now,  it may seem unbelievable that by removing a few pounds from the flywheel we can obtain a great difference on acceleration on a car that is  3000+ pounds, but it is.  On cruising speed the car will maintain speed easily and requires very little throttle input, the road has very little effect on the car's velocity, primary due to the flywheel
Of course, there is the other school.  If it takes very little effort to accelerate, it will also take a great effort to decelerate, in a race situation a driver will request a faster change in engine speed.
Just remember that what's good for the track is often totally wrong for the street.  to get the best of both worlds, get a flywheel that is lighter by a few pounds.

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