Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tools of the trade

We have a new member in our team, and the other day I asked him to bring me a #1 phillips screwdriver..................he asked what size??

Oh Boy !!!   I told my boss, he is going to need training......I just hope my teaching skills have not diminished that much,   as I get older my patience bucket gets empty real fast.

I am going to have to teach him about specialty tools.  We are often asked to do certain things to these cars and sometimes we have to invent our tools, but sometimes we can get lucky and find that someone has made one.
Even though I owe the Snap On Tool man my right kidney and probably part of the left one, I do have tools for pretty much every job, some tool I used only once, some tools I have put to the test and some have just been plain abused

Of course, the argument about tools is a long and boring one,  I prefer Snap On, the fit, they last and they look good.  Never ask how much it is, if you know the price, you won't buy it.

Take care of your tools and your tool will take care of you.

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