Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We can make it stronger....we can make it faster.....

We have the technology........

 After having a few rounds with two insurance companies, we finally got approval for the repairs needed.
 One of the biggest challenges was that there are no replacement parts available,  you can buy the whole kit, but that would be overkill.  We had a price to buy the one half, but somehow, it is higher now, and the insurance said, no supplements.
We have no choice but to use our skills to repair it and make it stronger.

First things first,  We have to relive all the pressure from the fiberglass by cutting the areas that were folded from the impact, then attach anchors to hold the body in place.  Hey !  I think doctors fix bones this way.....
 To insure strength we are going to sandwich this portion between coats of long strand fiberglass reinforced body filler,  it is a product hard to work with, but it the strongest one.
 Once the easy part is done, then we start shaping the area, smoothing and making sure there are no bubbles that may come back to hunt us later on.

Of course, we have to reinforce it from the inside too, we used a polyester mesh along with our filler.  In the end, this repair cost more than the insurance paid for, but the important thing is to get our customer rolling again.
Now that the body has been mended and we have made it stronger,  it is time to make it faster.    stay tune.

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