Sunday, October 2, 2011

On life support

As it is tradition of a car enthusiast, as soon as a car gets acquired, something needs to be upgraded.  It could be simple as a shift knob, or extreme as a complete body kit.

But at some point,  it will go back to its original shape,  This 73 long hood took a detour and was lost for years a C2 body fiberglass suit, now now it has found its way and it is ready to join the long hood party

Now that we have brought back to life, it is time to address the other terminal deceases,  A typical weak spot in a car of this age is the suspension pan, we will cure that area first.
So, after painfully removing all the bad areas, A coat of rust inhibitors will be applied to the hidden areas and then we fit its new parts. 

After welding and sealing all needed was a coat of its original color,  next we will move to the other sensitive area.............The rear tray.

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