Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yes are pretty

When I got to work this morning.......Pumpkin was there.

Busy as we are I have forgotten all about the big show in Monterrey, so if Pumpkin is going to make a showing, it needs to be prettied up,  see, It's been a long rebuild, and it has been a few months since she went home.
A full face lift and new hips were given, then the bath of orange elixir took place, but with all our paint work, we let it rest for a few months to insure a good cure, then a final colorsand and polish to really make it shine.
The duck tail and trunk lid are carbon fiber, but we gave them a few coats of high viscosity clear to match the orange glow.
The 3.6 turbo that was the junk in the trunk, had to be replace with a stock one, few minor details are not worth the risk of injury during the long journey up north........But don't get mistaken, you don't want to meet this little pumpkin in a dark can turn into Halloween..........

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