Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A brand new day

What a difference a day makes,  yesterday it was pouring rain and now we have blue skies, some days here can compare with that, there are times when everything goes smoothly, but then, sometimes it seems like Murphy's Law was written for us.

A 1989 930 gets bought at a salvage yard, mostly in pieces, then it travels 90 miles to its friend's body shop; once the body goes skinny dipping in red, an attempt to assemble gets under way;      Realizing that so many parts are missing, the friend recommended to see someone with more knowledge of Porsche....... Who you gonna call ???

We had been commissioned to build a Turbo engine for this toy, along with all other vital parts and some upgrades, not too wild, we still need to maintain the original look.  I was not expecting to be the finisher.

It came to us looking like someone was running away from home, boxes and bags full with Porsche and non Porsche parts, it has taken months and a lot of patience, along with the assistance of some of our associates to make it to a decent stand,.....but today is a good day,  Big Red is alive, all the vital signs are good and soon ...Rubber might be burned........

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