Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Expert conversation

Expert: (not sounding too impressed) That's a nice 72
Me: (trying to sound humble) Sorry, it is not a 72
Expert: Yes it is:
Me: Trust me, it isn't
Expert: (sounding a little overconfident)  Only the 1972 had the oil door on the quarter panel
Me: I know...I put it there  :)

I crack myself up sometimes......

But seriously,  this started as 1970 car and we were asked to do  a replica of the  1972 911 ST Strawberry color, rumor has it, that only a handful of these were made.  Of course we modified the living daylights out if it, from the placement of the seatbelts anchors to the powertrain, reinforce the body so it can handle the Gs that the engine will provide, top of the line suspension and power brakes, custom made seats and a foot rest,  traffic has changed since 1972

Its features and details are pretty cool, all together, 3 shops were involved in the trasformation of this New Mexico native.  Posting all the documentation would take me forever, but if you want to, you can see some more on here:

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