Thursday, March 10, 2011

Those shoes don't go with that shirt !!

If you ask the boss the build you a 3.1 liter twin  turbo engine with all the trimmings, and then put it on a 1974 Targa, in my eyes that is like getting your best Bermuda shorts and then put on some black knee highs, although I have seen that  a lot, no one has become a trend setter.......Let's examine the patient, shall we.....

Owned for some 15 years , this one has been diagnosed with loose handling, lethargic performance and a few grunt noises when moving slow.  Over the counter fixings have not been the answer, even the witch doctor has waved his medicinal herbs at it.   I think it's time to see a specialist.

Take fresh powder coated front suspension, urethane bushing with lithium grease, cad plated rear spring plates, turbo torsion bars, add power brakes and big reds,  then call me in the morning......

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