Saturday, March 19, 2011

Misery loves company

When the experts speak, people listen.....most of them will follow, but as we know, assumption is the mother of all failures.   The lessons learned this past challenging week would bring cursing words on a Nun;  All in a nutshell, if 4 minus 2 equals 2, then my high school math teacher must not be having a good time in the afterlife.  I know, I know , I wasn't a great student....... but... 4-2=0....really???
We were working frantically on getting a better cold air intake for the twin turbos of that silver C4, it needed to go to the dyno on Friday at 8:30 am 40 miles away,but dyno is not equipped with 4WD.......word from above, "all you have to do is remove the front axles"  
boss: -are you sure
from above: -yes, people do it all the time
me: does not sound like a good idea to me
boss: -let's try it, we are out of time.................

A C4 will not move at all if you remove any axle, I guess that's why it is called a C4......complete 4 wheel drive.
We did not make the dyno date, customer was upset, expert was ....really ??....We were in a really bad the comedian said, if you don't say the F word in situations like have anger issues.
On that black Turbo.....all we had to do was change the light switch......really ??? has been to an alarm place that had  lots of ideas....We do have a thing wit lights, don't we??...

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