Friday, March 11, 2011

We interrupt our scheduled programming....

To bring you an update on the other things going on at bat cave: Holy turbo Chargers Boss, I think it's done.

 After being built at several shops, each one their own specialty, the last stop is us, on this one , we will call ourselves the cleaners, little details to be addressed, before it can hit the track.

Today there were 9 turbo cars and 2 non to be worked on, with only 4 hands on wrench, we had to attack the easy one, which was this toy, it's turbos have been reconstructed with better parts and were ready for a test, well it passed, and at the same time, we were able to get Project X on deck ( I'll tell you about it later) and Reinvented has been move out of the disable list, actually it is looking pretty good, I think we can have it  in uniform by next week, all those body aches have been massaged, and now it is ready for a mud bath .

Stay tune..........

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