Saturday, March 12, 2011

Structurally sound.

Now that we have taken care of the handling with the upgrade of the suspension and brakes, it is time to take care of the chassis;  Though uni bodies are pretty strong, one would wonder why does it need reinforcements??, why not, to put it simple words.  It is my belief that every manufactured item is rated at certain specifications, and because as humans we tend to change things, it is only natural that our way of thinking take us here:  More horse power and more torque, well ......  I don't think this old body can take it, lucky for us there is cosmetic surgery.

When it comes to structural reinforcement, many believe that the thicker the metal, the better....not me.....In my opinion it could be a little thicker, but without exaggeration, I found the  structure stronger when the two pieces have become one, by drilling holes all over the piece to be added to the structure and then piece will not move without the other.

So now our engine bay is ready for the added horse power, and all places where stress is going to be present are strong enough to take in a little more.

Suspension upgrades and structural mods, really nothing that hasn't been done before, ...where is the excitment ???  patience, we are still at ground level, and there is a lot more on the order sheet, but in the mean time, I will put my feet up, have a drink and practice being nice.

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