Friday, April 1, 2011

The more things change.....

 The more they stay the same........
When it comes to cars, everyone is working on one, everyone wishes one, everyone knows someone who has one...etc...It is said that the car is the second American dream.

When restoring your dream car, a budget gets written out, and when you go over that, you will question yourself...I could have bought a car with that !!

This gentlemen when out and bought a car, but then, that burning question start getting its mark in your mind,   What can do to make it better ????.

You come to us, you bring your shopping list, and we will twick.
on this ride, we have installed Tech art rocker panels, a TK tail, exhaust tips and turbo vents, and that is only for now.  There are plans for GT2 bumpers, HID headlights, some engine mods and other bunch of goodies.

They said that when you are done with your car, means you are out of ideas.
Keep on trucking...........

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