Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Long distant relationship

Hailing from Washington DC, we got us a real contender. a 1969 S that wants to soar with the is unfortunately that it was found hanging with turkeys
After removing all the bad feathers, we have to prepare the skin, we have to work fast, the tub was sent to a media blaster, for this application, walnut shells were applied, we don't want this birdy to suffer too much by using sand or glass beads.
Then is attached to a rotisserie, turn every five minutes and tap lightly to remove the excess dust from the blasting, using compressed air and vacuum cleaners the bare skin wets prep for the first step;  Direct to metal primers and corrosion resistant compounds.

Once the skin is well done, we will asses the damage that time and weather has done.  This recipe is going to require, fresh suspension pans, a couple of large doors, two ripe fenders,  one battery box and the whole rear tray.  For now it sits simmering, we should start adding all other ingredients as they arrive.

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