Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Love to be topless

 When the decision was made and the budget was written, the first order of business was   "make it a cab"  since then there has been many changes, but one was a must......roll bar..after all, accidents do happen. donated by a  Boxster that no longer needed it, it was modified  to fit our purposes.
 Another change that became a must, was  to ditch the single turbo and go twin.....why ?  well, a couple of weeks ago, our client wondered.. 
All that great looking engine kind of gets cover by the intercooler ?
How can we avoid that ?
We can put it under the quarter.
Which one?
Why not one under each quarter........
With twin turbo in mind, we need to give it a meaner look, this boy is going to pick some fights.

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