Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hey Pumpkin....

Though not fully grown to become the grand carriage of a fairy tail, the stroke of midnight has not turned its driver into a mouse, and you can say that a little bit of magic has transformed this light weight into a ride worthy of a Princess.
In the beginning of Axiom Motorsports, Mr W, brought in this little bright long hood, bright yes, but no glow....

Being a good friend of the Axiom family has its fringe benefits, so we stripped it down to bare metal, not much body work was needed being that it is a 1972, natural beauty was already  there.  We dressed it on A Jaguermeister Orange, and carbon fiber hood and deck lid.

We though it was a happy ending,....but noooo !!
Got itself a big pair of rubber shoes and now it need to come to the patch and get re-fitted.
Add two inches to the hips and bumpers, get rid of the fiberglass fenders and match the metal ones to the front bumper, then take another shot of Jaguermeister again......yep !!  still tastes the same, even after 4 years.

For now it sits quietly at UFO Motorsport awaiting for the magic wand that makes it come alive, and even though it looks so adorable........don't try to pet bites....


  1. hello
    I love the pumpkin. The black bootlid and engine cover are spot-on. I even love the black wheels, Have they been powder coated?
    I'm very tempted to get mine powdercoated black, on my white carrera. What ya reckon?
    A Jeigermeister script decal aross the top of the rear screen would finish it off.

  2. The wheels are anodised black, but in the sunlight they have a hint of purple.
    I think your white Carrera will look very cool with black wheels.