Thursday, April 28, 2011

Patch job

What we have here is a case of excitement....
The kind of excitement one feels when buying the first Porsche.

Next, you bring out the Porsche bible "1001 Projects for your Porsche" 

Your weekends are now filled with the little details that need to be addressed.  Save a little money and revamp the interior,  maybe a set of new wheels too. 

Next, the inevitable....more power,  a 3.0 liter with a little zing to it will do for now,  and why not....a body kit and a paint job .....woo hoo   time to enjoy.

Let me get this straight,  you got a flat tire and when you jack the car you saw the seat go up but not the car....oh boy !!

A typical case of hidden rust repair, what to do now, so much money time and energy has already been invested, but the options are very few.

Ditching the car is out of the question, and replacing the floors are not cost effective......

The Plan :
Make it last a few years until a new body can be found, and avoid any kind of The Flintstones scene.

Enough sheet metal to form new floors, and stock metal make anchors and support brackets , maybe some new and improved jack points.   We'll keep you posted.

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