Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The last in line

How far can a dog run into the woods............
Half way, after that, it is running out of the woods.

For the looks of this week I can feel that three specimens might be able to taste some asphalt, actually, one already did.  The Viper Green  RS looker came to us from our Nation's Capitol via TRE Motorsports, they needed to do some mods, and we were hired to do RS flares and bumper, you know, one thing always leads to another, so you can guess what happened next.  Its owner flew from DC last week to participate in the Targa California run, I heard it was a blast.  Viper Green will comeback to us next week for some final polishing and minor details, and then it is off to the East Coast.

The Guards Red turbo was a guest of the electrical wizard for a week, and now we have everything working, even the windshield wipers, it has been tuned and as soon as DMV put a stamp of approval on its jacket, its shinny brand new ball bearing turbo will come on boost.......and of course, its owner has come to believe that white shoes don't go with red overalls, and as soon as the new ones get a spit shine, they'll go on for the inspection.

Running in third out of this mechanical woods is an upgraded long hood,  it has been a patient of many hospitals, but I think we have found the cure for its blues.  Unfortunately, it was out feeling good,  feeling really good, and then..........brand new BMW thought it could stop on a dime, so now it is back, doing well, but new turbo and header are going to be transplanted, what's trick here, it's the turbo, it's a new, much improved turbo, ball bearing, billet wheel, air diffuser, and one more surprise..............stay tuned, same bat channel, same bat hour.

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