Thursday, April 21, 2011

Deconstruction of an S

 This is how the story goes, one day in 1997, the previous owner drove this 1970 S in the garage, left the door open and the car kept running until it ran out of gas, then he raised it up and left it on jack stands. 

2011, it was put on a trailer and started the journey to Los Angeles.  Its new owner is now going to attempt a resurrection.

But this was no Sleeping Beauty.  time did left a scar on it.  at first glance, the suspension pans and parts of the structure have gotten rust,  and they need to be replaced.  A frozen fuel pump and dried up fuel lines are not going to be delivering the liquid gold this 2.2 liter needs to scream.

Today we pulled the engine  out, and it's not looking too happy,  the mechanical injection is going to need surgery.

The good news is that the interior is in fairly good condition.

Tomorrow....we operate.

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