Sunday, April 24, 2011

Under Construction

Since August of last year, this former 1974 Targa has been going through its re- invention, or at least that's how its owner sees it.  All the changes have been, at times, a challenge as well as an emotional journey.

Once the entire body was shot with several coats of a single stage triple black paint, we let it dry for a week or so, then  it was color sanded and re sprayed with  2:1 clear.

We assembled all the parts just to keep them together,  at the same time, we'll see if any of them is out of place, or if we need to redo any of them, they will polished individually and then with new trim, this Black Pearl will get its final assembly.
It's been months since a tow truck with a broken down black targa arrived, today only the  color remains the same, (kind of)  it looks happy being outside.
Porsche attitude, Hot Rod personality and a little bit of Road Warrior,........... we will soon hear its roar.
I will build the muffler myself................and we also will give our client a bit of a hard time about those fuzzy sheep skins......

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