Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back in Black

But not by AC/DC,....I have to admit, my head banging and long hair days are pretty much over, but I still have to let loose from the noose.
  It's been months since we started this project, the idea was to upgrade it to a 3.2, and fix the cigarette lighter.......weeks later, we moved to: ...let's give it a little more pizazz !!  and a few weeks later, ...all hell broke loose....... In earlier posts, we shared that a 1974 former Targa was going to need rejuvenating in order to take in a 3.1 Turbo, at least we thought it was a good idea.

We have spent a few months cutting, welding, stitching and the occasional squirrel moment ( I like the movie UP )....... Yesterday we were on the final mission of getting the main body in good shape, on a Friday, when people just want to leave a little early, we were all guns blazing, .... In our sights, the body looked like we wanted it, every curved matched the other one, every square was square and every circle was round, and then I heard.........Shoot her......
That's what Gerardo said......and when he says that, paint has to be mixed, and something is going to get shot !!

So far it has been a fun project, we have been allowed to play with saws, cutters, torches, we even ran with scissors, all in good fun
In the next few weeks somebody's dream car will be starting to become a reality, and then, somebody will have this answer,
 YES, it is mine !!

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