Sunday, April 3, 2011

Two to Tango

After a very long week, with ups, downs and some sideways....3 of our twin turbos have been released into the the Los Angeles wilderness, and  are now free ranging in the California plains, each one is unique, and we have faith that they will not be put in the endangerous list by our brave man of the CHP.

So let me introduce to you, first and second from the top:  The Clone.
The Clone:
A C4, that we were ask to make as close as the real 959  as possible....and then some, custom made twin turbo that doubles the power of the real one, I would say, this is the wolverine of the X Porsche.  When it comes on boost, the front wheel drive really puts that galloping feeling into motion.

Down from there we have a sleeper:
A mild mannered 911 with springs in all corners looks like it could bark loud....but don't let it bite may leave a mark......the extremely large cams, manually control boost, and dual mapps, might make you wonder.......who was that masked man !! 

Last, but not least...a Track Rat, it has tasted blood on the dyno,  now we need to see how it fairs against the clan, can it be an Alpha???....only the battles will tell

And for all the singles turbos out there, keep doing what you are doing....but ask yourselves this question ??
Are you ready for an upgrade ........................................

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