Monday, April 11, 2011

If the shoe fits....

 I was lurking on another Porsche forum, and I saw a topic I know a little about:
A person asked if a turbo 993 deck lid would fit on a SC, and then he added, "I really Like it".....A resounding     NO !!  was the first answer, wow, seems a little bullish to me, the man just asked a question.
Of course, this is the kind of fight I'd like to get into, I had already been in the ring with this tail.

So, I answered, If you really like it, it can be done.....boy, that modem must have burned a circuit or two, because  response to my post was  fast and furious;  My intelligence was questioned, being that two objects of different sizes will not match. It s a good thing I don't use the metric system.....

When our client said, "You know, I really like that tail, make it happen"..
Well,   I took the ugliest lid I had (in case it didn't work) and then  cut and paste. it was kind of simple actually.  A little welding, a little body work, and perhaps, the most important thing...a little imagination.  I don't mind that some people get a little militant about certain things, sometimes it is even necessary, but what is the point of having a toy, if you can't have any fun with it...

Needless to say, I did posted an answer to the insult and tried to tell how it  can be done and how I have done it for my customer,...... this time I got sarcasm...... really ?? I guess  you win then. 

I know I can be a pigheaded guy every now and then, but I do believe that the journey to building you dream car should be fun, even on serious builds.

Keep that smile on, it looks good on you.

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