Friday, April 15, 2011

An Italian in a German court

 It's not often that we have a non air cooled guest, but this former resident of Sin City needed some TLC.  I guess the desert sun was not kind to it, and when it became a garage queen....well Gravity has a way to affect objects.  Bruised and beaten it made its way down to us.

What a rush !!!  when we get lucky enough to get the right parts and on time, this place can be a mad dash to finish everything we can, it took us about 6 months to complete this Italian job, but it has taken longer to obtain a few small parts.

But now that all the designer little things are here,  we will continue on the run out of the woods and next week this eighties child will have its twelve cylinders roaring through the streets of Los Angeles.

Rosso Corsa was the color of its birth,  and the original type of paint is no longer available in the L.A. Basin, in order to make its shinny coat durable, we got creative.  

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