Friday, April 29, 2011

Love letters

When I finished my first restoration, I remember telling my customer to drive the car for a month or two, then come back for a final polish, he came back and brought a list of things that needed fixing............I was disappointed because I had missed so many little things, I gave myself a very low grade that day.

Many moons later , they still come back for the final polish and they still bring a list,  socializing with other colleagues made realize that, it's OK, it is normal,  I mean if you pay your hard earned money to get your toy souped up, you have to see if you got your money's worth.

Nowadays we call those lists love letters,  some are long, some are short, and there has been the occasional...."you've got to be kidding me".

But, customer is always many times have you returned a steak because it wasn't what you expected.

This Viper Green came to us via TRE Motorsports from our Nation's Capitol.
We were hired to install RS flares and a rear fiberglass bumper.....but that thing called "While you're there," took this little 73 into a whole new dimension......
Let's get rid of the old fiberglass duck tail and replace it with one made with the metal backing, cibie lights on the hood and while you're at it. a new interior.

So we took the body down to bare metal. took care of some rust and lead poisoning, then we  started building the green machine you see now,  first the trunk compartment:
RSR strut support, and passenger side battery box mod, plug all holes clean up of the wire harness and repaint.

After it was completed, it's owner flew down from DC to participate on the California Targa Run in early April, after that shake down, now it's back with us, and yes...there is a love letter.

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