Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A tale of two tails....

  All these years, we have worked on Porsche, and frankly, I don't think we have done the same thing twice. I mean, there is a general idea of restoring a car, but, there is always something different;  The taste in wheels, color of the wheels, seats, or material for the seats, roll bar, rear seats deletes.....you get the idea..

In this case, we will talk about tails, or deck lids, we may even call them hoods.
 don't really mind when car enthusiasts want to be different, and we have fulfilled requests of tails that might be considered original;  The smog exempt black coupe, has been a great canvas, and has a tail that needed a 996 donor.

A short wheel base with looks of Hot Rod,  In my opinion, the right amount of louvers can give any ride a touch of class.......the right amount.

This Silver bullet decided that the aerodynamics of the original tail didn't have the looks of what he saw doing 80 on the 405
Last, but not least, a long hood with desires of being outside the box, for some, the retractable 993 wing is more appealing than that of the 964.

Doing a matching numbers is a welcome challenge at our shop, doing a fun project is somewhat of a stress reliever,  but whatever ttickles your fancy, you know where to find us.

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