Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boost me up Scotty

Boost controller....can we talk ??
Ok, so as far as I know, forced induction have been around since...well, according to history, since the bootlegging days;  In those days when the jig was up and the law had you pegged, the car had to be ready to go, go, go and the driver had to know how to handle that horsepower.

Many steps have been taken to improve non aspirated horsepower, you name it, it's been done.  From fuel enrichment tricks to tailored boost.

Boost, give me more boost !!!
It is almost like a drug......

Manual boost controllers have made this task a little easier, rather than to physically take the waste gate apart to replace the spring, a touch of some buttons is needed to accomplish that. 
 After using many different units, we came to the conclusion that the TurboSmart gauge and controller is the best way to feed the beast.  Turbo chargers are not smart, they will create boost until your cylinders look like little astrays,  the e-bost unit will become the brain.


All Turbosmart e-Boost Controllers feature our exclusive adjustable gate pressure feature which minimizes wastegate creep and can improve turbo response by up to 1000 rpm earlier in the rev range – this means that you can increase the performance and response from your engine without even raising the maximum boost level. e-Boost controllers allow the user to control 3 different aspects of the boost curve; the maximum boost pressure (set point), the spool up rate of the turbocharger (gate pressure) and the reaction time of the controller (sensitivity).

Boost Levels: up to 6 levels of boost.
Boost on Demand: provides instant overtaking power at your fingertips
Gear-based Mapping: set a different boost for each gear!
Adjustable Boost Levels: program boost against TIME or RPM.
Aux Output: fully programmable; controls water spray, methanol or nitrous injection.
RPM Compensation: eliminates boost drop-off at high RPM.
Peak Hold/Max Boost Recall: monitors boost and RPM.
Gate Pressure: eliminates wastegate creep.
Overboost Shutdown: provides added protection for your engine .
Display: programmable, can be configured to KPA, Bar or PSI.
Auto Dimming: with backlit buttons for hassle free navigation.
Aceessories: dash and roll cage mounting kits, shift/warning lights and a full range of spares.

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