Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Before and After

While we are still recuperating from a bad Saturday......Let me share a story of a short wheel base that we had to dice and splice.

 It came to us with new floors, rocker panels and a mini SC  flare.

Our mission was to make sure all lines and gaps were correct, after that there were some details to be addressed.

A racing style oil tank was to be installed using a 72 tank, the neck was modified to fit the quarter panel opening.

Vents on the front bumper were done by hand. it gives it a hot rod look.

It also matches the rear deck, which was bought at a swap meet. the trick with this lid is that the louvers weren't perfectly center, and when you put lines to it, it shows.

A little bit of optical illusion has to be created, it took a little while, buy in the end I think we got it.
Front and rear bumpers had to be cut in order to make them fit, and  since a mini flare was added.........

 This, being a short wheel base, the torsion bar hole was in a different position, it looked kind of odd, so we moved it.  A single hood strap and stainless steel mesh on the fog lamp openings, along with a bath of GT silver paint complete this little, but mean ride

I think it looks pretty cool ...don't you.

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